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WELCOME TO PUT IN STONE - https://putinstone.com is a site devoted to JET III Fine Art & Photography and other areas of interest. This site may eventually encompass a variety of subjects such as Fine Art, Antiques, Fly Fishing, Sports, Music, Guitars, Landscaping, Food, Animals, Friends, and other subjects. Please bookmark it as a favorite and check back from time to time to see the changes.


"Put In Stone Manor" on "Thunderstorm Hill" is the name given by the artist to his residence and is geographically located in Ringwood, in the mountains of Northern New Jersey. The house is located a short distance off the famous and dangerous "Skyline Drive". Going over Skyline Drive can be an adventure in the winter, but there is a beautiful view of the NYC Skyline from the top of the mountain.


A good deal of the actual landscape surrounding the house is a hand made design by artist. Purple and reddish Schunemunk conglomerate rocks with streaks of white quartz called "Puddingstone" or "Pudding Stone" (after the appearance of old fashioned pudding), were found and collected, one by one from all over the ground. Puddingstone and some red and pink sandstone is found in this geographic area of the country. When it rains the colors in it show up the best. Some of the actual stones and rocks were found nearby and were used to create walls and landscape features. This site's name is a take off on Puddingstone and on "Rock and Roll" bands like "The Rolling Stones", as that is what it took to move all the boulders by hand.


Please feel free to come and visit JET III Paintings and to view different areas and links of artistic interest. This site is open to the public for everyone to view.

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